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Zero to hero – Humble beginning

Keep pushing it forward. Just one more day. It’s one of my biggest issues. Especially with something at such a large scale such as changing my life. But, today will be the start of trying to improve myself. So without further ado here’s my starting stats during this journey!
And as a sidenote. This is written during a heatwave so apologies for any misspelling and grammatical tomfoolery.

I was planning on doing a Fallout stat sheet and that’s exactly what I’ll do. Based on my current situation it would look something like this:

  • I have started working out but I am still nowhere as strong as I would like to be. A stricter and better exercise regimen need to follow.
  • When I think about perception it’s not about eyesight. At least not for this challenge. It is more about self awarness. How much do I know about myself? Am I aware of others and all that. Currently I have been spending quite a bit of time being in a shell. A shell I very much want to break out of.
  • Endurance is low because my cardio is non existent. Needs change, time to get on that bike!
  • I am a charismatic Adonnis. One of my primary traits going into this.
  • After five years+ of uni studies combined with a looot of reading I would consider myself rather intelligent. But after my burnout I haven’t really read anything for quite a while. This needs to change.
  • I am as agile as an old refrigerator as the old saying goes. How to remedy this? Balance boards baby! At least for starters!
  • Luck? What even is luck? Maybe doing a stat sheet from Fallout wasn’t the greatest of ideas after all…

But now we have a base! Let’s get an overview of my current situation and things I would like to change.

Emil (Nuke) age 29 (soon to be 30)
Living with my parents because of unemployment
Beergut and semi bad posture. Pretty rad legs though.
On and off depression and extreme feelings of lonelines (lack of stable social circle and single)
Pennies, moths and tears in my wallet. Financial stability is a word I have never used to describe myself.
An inabality to finish projects because of self doubt (never good enough). It’s a true hindrance to any unlocking of my potential.
Horrific day/night cycle. I go to sleep at around 4 am and then I sleep until noon. I am a nightowl but it have gotten to the point where it’s making me confused and feeling left out of “normal” society.

The list can be built to be as long as I can berate myself. But to counteract this I will create a good list of things that I DO have rather than have nots.

I am very compassionate and caring about others. I would also consider myself a pretty good listener.
I have the priviledge of living with my parents rent free until I get back on my feet. This is a true blessing!
I make people laugh and have been told that I brighten people’s days.
I am a good writer when I actually try to do good stuff.

Now that we have some basics it is time for week one on this journey. This week will be all about self discovery. Week 2 will be about setting and dividing goals. Week 3 will be… Something. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. The goals for this week is:

  • Find resources on self discovery.
  • Do all the pseudopsychological tests out there to at least get a hint on who I am.
  • Drink lots of water to prevent heatstroke.
  • Make a good list on sidequests/side challenges to go along with the main goal of going from zero to hero!

My journey starts today. August 17 2020 I took the first real steps on becoming something bigger. Something better and maybe most important of all. Finding myself!

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