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Outlining goals – January

First post, oh boy. Well, the first post of 2021 is not the most exciting one but perhaps the most important one. In order for me to grow, I need to make small goals. So, I decided to outline the goals for each month. Make them into small tangible tasks and then grow. Less a go (Mario’s voice).

I will divide every month into three separate categories. One for the body (such as weight, food, workouts, etc), one for the soul (mental health), and one for a career (things to help me get a job, build my brand, and other things related to income).


First order of business will be planning. I will need a reasonable training schedule that doesn’t ruin my self-esteem or makes me go totally bananas. This month is for trial and error. Week 1 will be 4 workout sessions on the Ring Fit + a few km on the stationary bike. Any extra walks will just be bonuses. Then I will revisit and see how well/unwell I feel.

I will also need to plan how I eat. I really need to cut down on carbs and sugars to actually make an impact on this ever so slightly growing beer gut. A simple yet achievable goal is to make a meal plan and rules of eating- Then with the plan in hand, I will go into February a lot more prepared.


Lists, lists, and more lists. I need to learn to divide my days into small simple tasks. It’s pretty simple really. It feels good to cross stuff off of a listö Things that don’t have a deadline can follow along to the next day. The task is easy, write a to-do list every night for the next day and then work on it.

BUT, in order for me to survive doing the lists, I will also be a lot more forgiving. I am in a vulnerable state and I am burnt out. As more of a general goal during January. I will be more lenient on myself. As a side project, I will track my mental state before bed as well in order to get a better understanding of my day-to-day emotions.


There are two things I’d like to focus on this month. The first thing is going through all the Google courses they offer. You get cute little certificates and it’s just good for me to know how Google works in a professional manner.

The last thing for January is more of a personal goal but also related to career goals. I want to produce at least 500 words/day at the end of the month. Slowly pick up and produce a metric shit ton of content on all of the platforms I am active at.

That’s pretty much it for goals. I will do a revisit at the end of the month to see where I am at. Look forward to the next post as they will hopefully become a lot more frequent. Now let’s make 2021 our bitch as one vtuber said.

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