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Analog horror on the tube – Spooktober special

Analog horror on Youtube has been an ever-exploding genre ever since Mandela Catalogue and Petscop got big. Sometimes it takes some time to make these specials as such I am sorry for the lack of Spooktober content yesterday. But these recommendations I am about to bestow upon you will be thoroughly worth every brain cell loss in the dire waiting for more spooky content. Let’s turn on grandma’s old tv and see what cursed things we have dug up in pure technicolor terror!

The Oracle Project is one of those eerie kinds of analog horror. Not much is shown as a majority of it is a computer screen and text. But the story is one that will keep you glued to your screen for the whole 30 minutes and then think to yourself. So this might be the actual risk of knowing everything there is to know? Maybe an all-knowing device is not a good idea after all. True analog horror goodness!

Finding the hidden gems has become quite a hobby for me as of late. This sub 10k views analog horror about circles engulfing a town is true terror. There is not much backstory and it is not extremely involved lorewise as some other analog horror stuff might be but damn does this hit a spot. The feeling of uncanny keeps building until you are just left staring at a black screen trying to piece together the whats and the hows without success. The Circles manages to put you in an 80s vhs setting with ease and without any struggle put you in a backrooms-esque scenario. 10/10 would stare at circles.

It’s meat product. A safe alternative to meat. Eat it, enjoy it, watch the world burn.

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