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Horror Youtube channel recommendations

Just like last year, it is time for some horror Youtube channel recommendations! This time it is horror-related rather than horror movies/shorts. Horror culture is very wide and there is quite a lot of interesting content! This year we are 90% SCP free. But we can never be truly free of the plague that is SCP channels!

The Homicidal Homemaker

“Where Home Economics Meets Horror!” is the tagline for this channel. Cooking and horror are a combination I didn’t know I wanted. Some easy-to-follow recipe with that neat horror touch! Sadly the channel is semi-dead but the website seems to still be alive and somewhat well. More horror cooking for the people!

Darkness Prevails

I like somewhat realistic ghost stories. I like them, even more, when they are neatly put together, well narrated, and come with some great visuals! Darkness Prevails delivers on all of these things and the content is great for just lounging around. Interesting enough to not be considered brain rot, but not engaging enough to keep you up at night!


Do you like weird and creepy children’s shows that feel like they belong in the Soviet Union? Then this is the channel for you! With a very long-running narrative that spans several years along with some hidden lore, this is just as much an ARG as it is just a creepy channel. I am yet to fully understand what is going on and that is a good thing!

Loey Lane

Lastly, we have Loey Lane. I have a hard time keeping up with all the short-form horror content out there. Loey Lane digs up the good stuff (especially from TikTok) and goes on deep-dives so I don’t have to. She’s entertaining, informative, and above all, she covers some seriously creepy stuff! This is the most Youtuber-Esque channel of the bunch but what does that matter if the content is good am I right?

or this year’s list of new channels to follow. I hope you found something great here! If you have any other recommendations for me then please reach out on Twitter or comment down below!

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