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Personal fears (Spooktober special)

Alright! Every year I try to do something personal and this year we are threading into the deep end of the pool. Time to talk personal fears and what really gets to me when I watch horror movies.


The probability of me getting kidnapped by rednecks in the middle of a roadtrip is not very big. Neither are most scenarios. Don’t get me wrong, these horror films can still be great! But they cannot instill lingering fear that lasts for days. Films like The Ring or Blair Witch on the other hand. These films feels close, probable and absolutely terrifying. I remember being afraid of my family’s old VHS tapes after seeing what they could do to you. After Blair Witch I was afraid of the nearby forest right behind my house. If it feels close to home, then it automatically gets my heart racing, and not in a good way.


I am not ready for kids. Babies poop, vomit and cries uncontrollably and sometimes all three things at once. Then there is also the uncanny valley aspect. A baby is not a finished human and it shows. Whoever said babies are cute must be a parent themselves or in some kind of mid life crisis. Babies in horror movies takes the uncanney valley and turns it up to uncanny fuck no! The best example are the babies in Noroi, to this day I can still have weird dreams about the lady in the woods (if you seen it you know what I mean).
There is one more thing that scares me other than babies and probable scenarios.

Distorted faces

There is a scene in the American version of The Ring that gets to me. It’s a scene where there is a tv where the news host gets distorted. The way this is presented creeps me out and it got me thinking. I think I have a fear of faces getting distorted. Disproportions in the face gets to me unlike most other forms of horror.

So if any directors ever read this. If you want yours truly to shit my pants in fear then a combination of these things is what’ll do it! What are some of your triggers when it comes to horror? Let me know!

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