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SCP Youtube channels

Have you heard the word on the streets? Secure contain protect or SCP, as they are known, are headed to your town. What horrible creatures lurk in your forests? If they knock on your door, RUN!

First up we have The Rubber. A little bit sillier take on the whole SCP Foundation but a very entertaining one at that. It’s an odd mix of a cute art style rendered insanely uncanny with the horrible monsters of SCP. On top of SCP content, The Rubber also makes other animations on horror stuff such as stories. It’s an all-around good channel for SCP. Check out the channel here!

I like the narration, I like the style of presentation, and I love the subject choices! There’s a lot of depth to the reading and a lot of good FX sounds. On top of that, the rest of the non-SCP content is top-notch as well. The voice might be an acquired taste to some but I find it very enjoyable. Channel is here!

Lastly, we have my all-time favorite SCP channel! Namely SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation. It’s probably one of the most popular SCP Youtube channels out there as well. It has top-notch quality animation, it stays true to the source material and the choice of subjects work very well. The tickle monster is the all-time favorite for sure. Check the channel out over here!

If you guys want to I could dig a lot deeper into SCP lore since I personally find it extremely interesting. But until I do, see this as a good introduction to some of the great content that’s out there about the secretive organization SCP. There are tons of other SCP Youtube channels out there. Do you have any favorites? If so please do reach out on Twitter or somewhere like that since I’d love to hear about it!

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