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Setting up the horror atmosphere

Do you want to watch a horror movie? Do you want the maximum atmosphere setup with maximum spook potential? Then look no further than this post! Here I will cover what I do to get the most spooks out of any movie. A good setup can be vital so listen carefully or the Boogieman might catch you!


One of the most important things for me at least is not as much the visual aspects but more so the audio aspects of horror. There are two keys to good audio, a great headset or a great home theater system! What you want is a good surround sound, trust me it does wonders. Truly engulf yourself in the atmosphere, upgrade your audio setup today!

Turn the lights off

You would be surprised with just how many people watch horror movies with their lights turned on. It is frankly an atrocity towards horror and should be shamed! The only light that should surround you is the light that comes from your screen. And you know what? The screen is also very important!

The screen

What you want out of a screen are solid blacks. The better blacks you have on your screen the better the experience will be, especially with the high fidelity blu-ray alternatives that are available today. If your computer screen has a cinema mode then use that mode and thank me later!

High contrast snacks

Imagine this, you’re watching a horror movie, suddenly a jumpscare makes your chocolate bar fly out of your hand, it’s dark and that bar is now lost forever. This sad event is rather common but it is easily fixed. Just eat popcorn or other forms of brightly colored snacks. The biggest sin would be pausing the movie, turning on the lights, then looking for the runaway snack. It’s not worth it man, just accept your chocolatey loss!

Friends provoke fear

The last thing I want to cover is the power of friendship! No really, a solid group helps with immersion. If you’re watching a sub-par horror movie but that one friend gets scared shitless every once in a while then so will you. Group dynamics tend to drag you along and it generally makes for a better experience. Even online you can get a similar feeling by doing things in Discord for example. Make your horror movie night digital today! Get carried away and make even the shittiest horror experience at least a little bit better!

Do you have any other tips to maximize the spooks? Then reach out to me on Twitter or comment down below. I would love to read your personal tips & tricks for a spooky movie night!

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