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Aggretsuko – Series review

Awkward, adorable and God damn metal!

Just your average overworked office worker

Sanrio. The company known for the adorable and cuddly cat Hello Kitty made this. Hello Kitty is not very metal. Sanrio in general is not very metal. But this anime about a young red panda (not a racoon as I first thought) is surprisingly dark and extremely metal. Let me explain.

The anime is about a 20 something red panda that started working a desk job in Japan. She is dilligent, hard working and very nice to everyone. This of course opens up for sexual harassment by her boss, coworkers taking advantage and her workload becoming greater and greater. Any young girl would either quit or go full aggro on everyone in the office. But not Retsuko (main character), no she just smiles and keeps working hard. Until she comes to the karaoke where she goes… FULL METAL!

That is pretty much the premise. Aggretsuko is an anime about releasing steam from work and a general workspace series. It is very pretty and cute but with a nice dark undertone. The characters are relatable and not just cardboard cutouts which is surprising since Sanrio has made quite a few one dimensional characters in the past.

Every episode has a workplace theme. It could be anything from harassment at the workplace to falling in love with a co-worker. All episodes builds up to a metal crescendo where Retsuko finally snaps. Above all this it also has a story that is woven into all the one-liners and gags which makes it a very enjoyable experience.

If you have Netflix and have some office work experience this is both a relatable and hilarous take on working in an office space. The metal twist gives it a great dark tone and all in all it’s just a great ride. It has also been greenlit for a second season so look forward to that as well!

Aggretsuko is available on Netflix!

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