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Anna And The Apocalypse (2017) – Zombiecal in Christmastime

I love Christmas and I love creative musicals. But what if, and hear me out here. What if we took a Christmas musical and mashed in a bunch of zombies into it? Huh? HUUUH? Brilliant idea I know, enter Anna and the apocalypse.

In a tiny sleepy town called Little Haven, they are planning a musical play of sorts. A girl is planning on getting the fuck out of town, another girl is deeply in love, a boy is also in love, oh and a girl wants to be a social justice warrior. Generic musical crap until suddenly zombies. Hilarity and a great parody of the slow-moving zombie trope ensues. The music isn’t half bad either.

This is a very charming teen musical with added gore and very stupid over the top jokes. The special effects are mostly analog in nature which I am always a fan of. The acting is a little bit over the top but I would imagine that it is intentional since it is a teen musical after all. The plot, albeit a bit rushed, still does the job. Some characters get the cardboard treatment because of the lower runtime but it still works for what they’re trying to achieve.

The deeper and harder I think about Anna and the apocalypse the more I realize I just generally like the movie. It’s a charming coming of age musical with some good old gory zombie killing thrown in. Yes, it might be a bit shallow on the coming of age part but that gets trumped by the very good songs.

Should you watch this? Yes! It’s a Christmas movie without much Christmas but a lot of blood, singing, and charm in its stead. If you’re American it’s free on that good old Amazon Prime so do stream it if you enjoy goofy musicals with gore!

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