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Annabelle Comes Home (2019) – House crescendo

Annabelle comes home is the third movie in the Annabelle trilogy. Surprisingly this one is the strongest of the bunch by far. With a strong focus, simple, and a small cast of characters. We are givern utter chaos that is a very good end of the saga. Too bad it took this long for them to perfect the formula.

The last movie ended with Annabelle finally being captured. A little cabinet of cursed items is a fitting resting place until one faithful night. It’s teenagers doing teenager stuff that ruins it as it always is! Suddenly, a haunted house plot, with a demonic presence. On top of that Annabelle manages to keep two plotlines going, stay focused, and be both cool and kind of scary at times. Annabelle comes home is the best one of the bunch simply because it is a contained story with few characters, good effects, and a very good setting.

I tend to struggle with teenage characters since they rarely have any depth to them. In this movie, there is at least an attempt. Of course, you still have to sit through the awkward teen crush stuff (until he gets attacked by a werewolf hehe) but there are also some grief handling and character development which is a nice change of pace.

Annabelle comes home is the perfect popcorn horror movie. It is good enough to be remembered but not quite creative enough to stick. The music is great with some neat 70s rock, maddening horror crescendos, and haunting soundscapes. The visuals feel authentic (still not a fan of the demon) and all in all this is a pretty neat flick. Watch the first movie, skip the second, and enjoy the third. Also never open the cabinet, read the warning sign you dumdum! Oh and also, this one has a veeeeery Hollywood-esque ending so if you’re not a fan of that I hope you still give it a shot!

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