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Blood Honey (2017) – The secret is in the sauce

Seeing a family member commit suicide cannot be fun, that is also how merrily Blood Honey starts! I came in expecting a horror story about bees, but what I got ended up being so much more enjoyable. This is a movie with a budget but not fully Hollywood levels. But one thing that I have learned this spooktober is that budget doesn’t mean much. The story is where it’s at which begs the question. Is the story about honey any good? Let’s enter the hive and find out!

A father is dying. His daughter comes back years after leaving because of the traumatic suicide of her mother. The family has not changed and immediate cult feelings emerge. There is something in the honey isn’t there? Maybe the bees are possessed? The questions are many but I end up with something completely different. Blood Honey is a movie about mental illness, trauma, and whiplash-inducing plot twists in the best way possible. I will not spoil anything else than that the initial story and the continued story will take you for a ride.

This is a drama with horror undertones and these kinds of movies either work extremely well or are huge flops. Thankfully this one is the former with great actors, an interesting subject, and a tone that reeks of anxiety. You are meant to start second-guessing every other scene and then move on to question the entire movie after the fact. Me and Serry had a good discussion afterward and that’s how you know a thriller with horror undertones has truly succeeded.

If you come into Blood Honey hoping for excessive honey and murderous bees then you have come to the wrong film set. If on the other hand, you are looking for an interesting psychological thriller with an excellent spin on things then you have come to the right place. Just remember to stay away from the bees, they are rather unpredictable.

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