You are currently viewing Final Destination 4 (2009) – CGI crapfest now in 3D

Final Destination 4 (2009) – CGI crapfest now in 3D

Do you wanna build a sequel? I wonder if it’ll suck. It did suck and I suck for having any kind of hopes. Unless you are super into crusty 3D effects and a faint stale odor then this will not be a good experience.

Is there anything of interest when it comes to the plot? Nope, same schtick but this time we’re at a racetrack in the beginning. This means explosions and flattenings of people. Out of all starting scenes, this is by far the weakest one. Also, the characters feel even more shallow if that’s possible.

My fears were justified. The whole concept has gotten stale and in order to save it, they made a gimmick. A really shitty 3D movie gimmick symptomatic for the start of the 2010s. This of course made the CGI look super tacky and cheap. The premonitions are now just flashing 3D effects that just looks off without 3D glasses and would probably still look off even with glasses.

Final Destination 4 is by far the weakest when it comes to death scenes as well. Except for the buttsucking scene, everything was just boring. You can only make flattening people creatively that many times before I start rolling my eyes. The gore is still pretty spot on though with plenty of blood splatter and dumb horror screaming all around. Sadly that’s not enough to really save it. Oh, and the music is still top-notch top 100 trash songs making up for a pretty decent library of audio gargle with your bodily gargles.

Now that we are looking at the end of Final Destination I can only hope they wrap it up well. I really don’t want a Hellraiser scenario with every sequel going further and further down the shitter. But as a rule of thumb, never have expectations and still manage to get disappointed. Those are words to live by as a horror movie reviewer.

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