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Final Destination 5 (2011) – The final Final Destination finally

Time to wrap up the saga. Did Final Destination 5 disappoint? Actually no it didn’t. Even the tacky 3D effects did not disappoint. But holy hell did it almost miss the mark.

We know the plot, we all know the plot. But this time there are some hints. The coroner might be death himself (or his butler), you literally cannot escape death or break the cycle, and I almost cared about the characters. Now that’s an improvement all around in my opinion.

We had some character development, some character “depth” and some pretty funny death scenes. But it was a scattered experience. Final Destination 5 tries to be serious but still keeping the haha funny gore vibe of the series and it makes everything kind of messy. With that said though, it manages to throw you for a loop in most death scenes. It’s never really what you think would kill the person that actually does the trick.

Most important for most people that are watching this series is the gore. The gore section still stacks up, plenty of splooting bodies to be had. There’s also the occasional burning, piercing, lasering, and of course, falling. Some of the deaths serve as an homage to previous films while others really make you feel some level of OOF.

The movie finally tied the knot. With one of the better endings of a franchise, I have seen I have to say that I am content. Even though it felt almost over the edge of overstaying its welcome Final Destination managed to be a good ride almost all the way through (4 never happened). Because of the nature of the series, a revival can always be made cause the killer is literally Death. I am still on the fence about a revival since this movie was such a good finisher. Let death finally be dead in peace. I enjoyed the ride and I think you will too. Now go outside and start looking for signs. Your time might be just around the corner. MUAHAHA

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