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Freebie movies episode 1

In my self quarantine state I was browsing the tubes. The you tubes to be precise. Lo and behold I found some gold! So with this series I am going to start recommending some good old free entertainment starting with of course, some gore.

Ever wanted to see Jesus Christ fail his first ressurection and then kicking ass using his fists and of course… FISH! Well look no further cause it’s all here. It’s stupid, has a stupid plot and is just a generally good and short ride. I live for practical effects and this one has a bunch of them. Combine that with really cheesy segways, over the top violence and a kickass soundtrack and you have yourself a solid fifteen minutes of entertainment!

You need to relax! So take your portable casette player, slather yourself in mud and enjoy the beach. Except the beach is now zombies, your casette player died but you need to keep up your relaxation. So why not brutally slaughter all of the zombies with a goofy smile on your face with a variety of beach tools? That’s the premise of this fantastic short. It’s dumber than Fist of Jesus, have more character and has one of the best endings of a short I have ever seen. Also there is a scene that uses a human weapon that’s both grotesque and hilarious. I hope you’ll find it as entertaining as I did!

Every now and again I’ll post these small blogposts with weird free stuff I find around the interwebs. After all, sharing is caring!

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