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Gnomercy (2019) – Delicious indie garbage

Gnomercy is the pinnacle of what I call indie schlock horror. It has no budget, a script written on tissue paper, and actors that just feel like they’re happy to be there. Recently we looked at the absolutely fantastic low-budget movie Pig Pen. It goes without saying that Gnomercy has some big expectations to fulfill. The question is, did they fulfill them or did they give us a gnome-shaped hole in our hearts?

This is the story of what happens if you mix piss and cocaine on a garden gnome. I wish I were kidding but sadly I am not. The result of this blend is that a hobo is created that wants to kill everyone and everything… And also make dad jokes frequently. Enter the fellowship of “uni people”, a collection of bland braindead characters that like to party and are very sad that they won’t be able to hang out anymore. So they go to one of the guy’s parents’ cabin to hang out one last time. But hobo gnome is pissed (literally) and he’s out for blood.

With that breathtaking story to carry us, we have to look at the nitty-gritty of Gnomercy. This is a bad movie, the visuals are filmed with an iPhone at best, the acting is something straight from a cringy nightmare, and the lighting in some scenes are absolutely rancid. But the death scenes are where Gnomercy shines. It is extremely low budget, using actual animal organs as the gore. The murder scenes are extremely creative and I found myself laughing more than once.

This leaves me with this to say. This movie is by all means not good. But with an appropriate amount of inebriation, braindeadness, and an ability to look past horrid production quality, you are left with a decent Saturday night indie horror schlock film. The only sad thing is that they went on the NFT train and that is just unforgivable. That and the horribly bad “gnome” getup that ended up just looking like a homeless man. For shame..!

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