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Krampus (2015) – Keep the fire going

Remember that Demonic Toys movie we watched during Spooktober? Well, what if they had an actual Hollywood budget, great actors, and a Christmas theme? Well, that’s pretty much the setting for Krampus!

Generic family having the shallow end of their genetic mass over for Christmas and hilarity ensues. For the first 15-20 minutes, I genuinely couldn’t tell if this was a Christmas comedy or a movie about a horror figure such as Krampus. But because the kid of the family loses faith in Saint Nick he shreds his letter and BOOM, Krampus and his many minions come over to ruin Christmas. What follows then is a hilarious series of events and deaths with a pretty neat monster reveal at the end.

There are several that works very well in Krampus. The effects are well made, the acting is great and the balance between horror and comedy is just right. Music is pretty forgetful and I wouldn’t mind some of that good old gore but you can’t win em all. There are times where the “monsters” border on the silly side of things, but that works for this specific movie.

Krampus is a good introduction to horror for younger people. Because of the balance of silly and scary, I would say early teens could possibly get a rise out of this without any horror trauma. It’s a rarity to see a horror Christmas movie that you can actually watch with your family.

Most Christmas horror has human villains whereas this one has goat Santa and his hellspawn helpers. It makes for what I would consider another form of a cult classic that is a tad bit more digestible than the slasher Christmas horrors of old. Get cozy, light up the fire, and enjoy the hilarious murder spree that is Krampus!

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