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Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) – Family values

Lo and behold, Paranormal Activity 3 comes with an actual likeable family. Not only that, we also get some plot progression. A very convoluted one at that. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s dive into the most 80s family and their descent into hell.

The story starts, like all Paranormal Activity stories start, with a classic family living their life. This time it’s the original girl’s family from back in the 80s. This time there’s Toby, the imaginary friend, an actual semi-functioning relationship, a switcheroo in the disbelief, and a pretty easy to follow plot. But this time it starts to deviate in what I would consider a bad way.

The one thing that I enjoyed about this series is the practicality of it all. You don’t really see any spooky ghosts or demons looming around. You, just like the victim only feel their presence or see the result of their presence. This entry takes that and turns it up to 11 in the tackiest ways possible. The jump-scares comes with plenty of warning, there are more CGI-effects than ever before and the plot is heading into some cult stuff for better or worse.

This entry have some decent actors and the house is arguably the best one yet in the series. But that is also where my praise ends. The suspense of the first 2 movies just doesn’t show, the plot is getting tacky, and I am getting a bit too familiar with this demon by now. There is still enough substance to the plot that I will power through the franchise but I am dreading that it is all downhill from here!

– Written by not merg but actually Nuke. Merg is getting rather bored of the formula as well but she will also power through!

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