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Pig Pen (2015) – Sadness Overload

It’s not often I use the term hidden gem, but in the case of Pig Pen, it is very fitting. On Nuclearblend I look at a look of low-budget stuff and with a budget of a mere 7 grand USD, this is definitely low budget. But with a low budget and a helluva lot of creativity you can make something pretty great. But is it a true masterpiece? Only one way to find out!

Pig Pen is all about human misery. From the very start to the bitter end it goes all in on things such as homelessness, abuse, drugs, and general poverty. If you were expecting a gory thrill ride you will be sorely disappointed. If you are looking for an extremely honest look into human misery with a blanket of gore to keep you warm, then you have come to the right place.

This movie moves with determination and speed. You are never allowed to take a break or breathe. There is a sense of constant anxiety filling the air like a gas leak from an old stovetop slowly suffocating you. The sounds and visuals albeit feeling low-budget add a lot to the general feeling of dread. The acting is not great but it is good enough to keep you absolutely hooked on the depressing narrative. Some of the narratives feel a bit pushy and in your face at times but I managed to get over that as the movie as a whole works.

Pig Pen is one of those movies that are often overlooked. But as a misery aficionado, this is truly something great. It is not Oscar-worthy great but it is great nonetheless. With some grade-a practical gore effects and a neverending sense of misery, this movie will not disappoint. It’s available on Plex to watch for free!

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