You are currently viewing Pumpkinhead 2 Blood Wings (1993) – Pumpkin latte, hold the acting

Pumpkinhead 2 Blood Wings (1993) – Pumpkin latte, hold the acting

I asked for two pumps, coffee slave. Don’t make me do it. Don’t make me… CALL THE MANAGER

Does it get better? Do I get more boobies, guts, and gore? Yes, no, and yes actually! But you need a sacrifice to get the good stuff. You need to sacrifice talented actors and replace them with theatre class dropouts. Welcome to Pumpkinhead 2 Shit Wings!

This time we follow another group of dumb teenagers doing stupid stuff. This time they attack grandma from the previous film, steal some blood, revive Pumpkinhead, and then burn her home down to the ground. All of this because of… Well, reasons probably. Oh, we also get some backstory to Pumpkinhead. Apparently, he was a freak that was bullied so hard he got bullymurdered.

Combine this with a mayor that’s so money horny that he rivals the mayor from Jaws. Now Pumpkinhead wants to kill his old bullies and of course the kids that killed his granny. Oh man, I actually bothered writing some plot points down for once. Well on to the review!

We have awkward acting to the point where laughter ensues. I’ll take it any day. We have a plot that’s generic but works for what they want to achieve. Then we have some boob fondling action, sideboob, and of course the gore! I’m treated to body penetration, chase scenes, and actual blood this time. Now we’re talking dumb fun slasher horror, just like momma used to make.

Honestly, skip the first and watch this one. It has all the ingredients for a fun night. Just… Don’t go any further, for the love of God don’t go any further. Tomorrow we dive in to… The third movie in the series. Wish me luck, I will need it.

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