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Pumpkinhead 4 Blood Feud – Redemption pumpkin arc

Alright, coffee slave, I regret everything. Just get me a grande venti whatever and let me leave. I don’t want any more pumpkin spice. PLEASE

Ah true love, Shakespeare style nonetheless! I went into this worried but was pleasantly surprised at how on point this rendition actually turned out to be. With the alluring Amy Manson being one of the main actresses this can’t be bad right?

The plot is back on point. Or at least somewhat back on point. Boy and girl love each other, their families are feuding over a car and boy gets angry. Boy gets so angry he finds grandma in the woods and wants the girl’s family dead for allegedly killing his sister and not allowing him to be with his true love. She obliges and we get another Pumpkinhead revenge plot. It’s simple but that’s what I wanted out of it. Simple, gory, and filled with general violence, and boy did they deliver.

I get so many treats. Headsmash after headsmash, slashings, and comedic punches too! Even the CGI looks a tad bit better. A tad bit, still far from good by any stretch. Oh, and it’s the most redneck one yet with moonshine, hootenannies and even the dreaded over to top SOUTHERN ACCENTS! It all just works.

Blood Feud delivers on blood and feuding. Shotguns, revolvers, and screams as well. The only thing I am left wondering is why now? Why did they realize what the series needed at the last second? When it was too late and nobody gave a shit (seriously there have been 3 attempts at bringing the series back since this movie).

One last grip before I go on my finishing tangent. Why did the demon Pumpkinhead go from being a demon with demonic sounds and menacing tonality to what I can only describe as a cross between a tiger and a bear soundwise? It felt waaaay off. Give me demon pumpkin back!

In conclusion:
Watch 1, 2 (if you skip all the plot points), and 4. Three never happened and we are all happier for it. Now I really feel like I need a pumpkin spice latte! But why is there a fly in my latte?

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