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Silent Hill (2006) – An actually good adaption?

Silent Hill manages to capture a lot of the essence of spooks from the games. It has an off atmosphere, some eerily similar characters and of course a Pyramid Head! But is this trip down to the eerie town of Silent Hill worth your time? Let’s find out!

This movie is about a girl that wakes up every night screaming about this town called Silent Hill. Her good mother (adoptive mother) thinks that, hey let’s take my daughter to this place that obviously traumatised her. That is probably a great idea. Said and done she stuffs the kid in a car and heads down to the town. The town that doesn’t even have roads going to it anymore. I am sure nothing bad can come out of this.

The first you might notice very early on is the music. The soundtrack consists of the actual games musical pieces that’s made by Akira Yamaoka. As soon as I heard this it sent shivers down my body. The game soundtracks are some of my all time favorite soundtracks and they work wonders in this film! It fills you with suspense and it adds so much to each scene where it’s beatifully executed.

This is a monster feature that really tries to showcase a lot of monsters from the franchise. You can really tell they tried to make good CGI but it falls flat. The monsters looks extremely out of place and they feel silly most of the time. Pyramid Head looks good but his weapon is a CGI mess at the best of times. The inner fanboy in me still squealed when I saw certain monsters from the franchise.

Is Silent Hill worth it? I would say that yes it is. It has some great acting, some great homages to the franchise and it feels like a natural addition to the Silent Hill universe. Compared to a majority of video game related movies this is one of the top tier ones. Which might not be saying much considering the state of that industry.

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