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Southbound (2015) – American offskirts

Taking the wrong turn seems quite formulaeic, but Southbound takes that formula and gives it a well deserved kick in the nuts. Figuratively and literally since this movie sure can feel like a kick in the nuts at times.

As most stories go, it starts out pretty bland. Big olé stretch of highway, weary travellers and five different stories. First one being two men running from their past selves, the second being a band on their way to a big gig. The third is about a man struggling to get home. The fourth being a brother in search of his sister and lastly a family on vacation. All of these stories are about confronting fears and getting face to face with their worst secrets. It might start of as a bland generic story but as time goes on it becomes more and more interesting.

Going into Southbound I was worried. This month almost every outskirts middle of nowhere horror movies, have been either boring or extremely generic. First ten minutes was a deep sigh, my fears had come true once again. But wait! What is this? Some actual twists that I did not see coming and on top of that some actual unsettling stuff! All stories have their own unique feel and its own scary way of telling itself.

This movie manages to create its own confusing and scary mini universe during its runtime. You feel yourself constantly wondering if there is something being represented or if there’s a deeper meaning, but frankly I say just enjoy the ride.

So, Southbound is confusing, unsettling mixed with great cinematography and unsettling imagery. Mix this with some great acting, a deep lore and a twist on an already stale genre and you manage to strike gold!

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