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Spooktober 2021 – Bigger and better


The best month that is Spooktober is once again upon us. Restrictions are lifting worldwide. People are going outside. Do you know what is the only reasonable response to such a thing? Stay indoors and watch a crap ton of horror movies. talk about horror movies and just enjoy some grade F-A horror meatsicles! This year will be filled with horror content every day. There will be surprises and interesting thought pieces from yours truly but ALSO from some of my friends!

I will be joined by a Norwegian called Serry and by my lovely girlfriend Merg. Serry doesn’t really get scared and Merg doesn’t really do horror at all. The mixture of reactions and thoughts will be interesting to see! Of course, there will also be the regular Youtube recommendations, artist recommendations, and hopefully even a horror game review or two!

This year will be the biggest one for Spooktober yet! Spooktober 2021 here we go!

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