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The Hallow (2015) – Irish moss

It’s kind of magical as to how films based in Ireland manage to always get a magical shimmer to them. The Hallow is no exception, being drenched in Irish folklore goodness and all.

A “tree doctor”, his wife and his newborn moves into an old mill in a remote part of Ireland. While fiddling around with the trees as tree doctors do he discovers a dead animal with an odd virus. His crazy neighbor comes to warn his family about the dangers of being in the woods or merely living where they are. Then scary moss creatures happens and that’s a wrap folks!

The Hallow is an excellent example of lore heavy horror done right. Even though the lore isn’t explicitly shown throughout it is presented to us in form of visuals and our own assumptions. This makes for an odd uncanny feeling, and with an early introduction of the creatures will satisfy even the most eager horror fanatic.

With an early introduction of the monsters we also have early reactions. For once the reactions feels human and logical. What do we do when we see a screeching monster? We get the hell out of here. Try to defend ourselves until we can find respite. With the addition of a book of lore and the fairy feel of the monsters. The Hallow makes for an Irish good time. It’s nice that Irish folklore can be implented in ways that still feels new and modern.

This is not any new or imaginative plots nor creatures by any means. Still it manages to make the cliché feel charming and new enough for me to stick around the entire time. Combine all of these things with some great creature scare timings and you get at least a B+ in my book!

So spit out your Lucky Charms and get a hold of this movie.

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