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The Lazarus Effect (2015) – Movie review

Revival 2.0

This Lazarus Effect had all the potential in the world. Until half way through then it started falling. Oh boy did it fall quickly. But did it fall far enough to not be a good watch?

Lazarus Effect follows a group of scientists researching how to revive the dead or rather how to restart people during surgery. They get a dead dog and perform their affront to God. The dog is alive, alive I tell ye! But the good old Scooby gang of big pharmaceutical finds out about the experiment. If it weren’t for those gosh darn pharmaceutical companies they would’ve gotten away with it. Big pharma take all the research but in a last minute move the scientists try to recreate the experiment as a last ditch effort to redeem themselves.

The plot is there, the theme is there and the acting is great. Where the movie falls flat is how they execute it. Without spoiling it they start doing other trials and one of them goes awfully wrong. Then for no particular reason they go full Christian haywire. Ghosts. heaven and hell rapidly becomes the main theme. Until that moment the movie discussed some interesting morals and what it means to be alive.

This is a horror movie and as a horror movie it is alright. Some good jumpscares and “scary” visuals were given in plenty. Unfortunately it never felt scary or made me feel anything for the characters that ended up dead.

This movie is not great. It is not bad either. You should watch it if you enjoy the theme of revival and the morality around that. Just do not expect any kind of masterpiece.

The Lazarus effect is available for rental on Amazon Starz. If you have Starz you should consider giving this movie a watch.

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