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Thirst (2009) – Just your typical love story

Chan-wool Park is a great director and Thirst is an excellent movie. There we go, review done now we can all go home! Oh you wanted an actual review? Well fine here you go!

Thirst is a cute and cuddly love story about a priest that gets a virus while volunteering. On his deathbed he gets some vampire blood and BAM vampire priest. He realises he is now almost a God himself so he takes of his priestly garment and follows the better path of life. The path of the pleasures of flesh. On his wild ride he connects with a woman that later becomes his partner and this movie is their rather dysfunctional love story.

This is not your average Old Boy vengeance porn but rather a dark love story. It is the most sensual movies from Chan-wool Park yet and it serves a purpose. It connects you emotionally to the characters and you can almost feel the lust and love yourself at times. It is a surreal experience but a good one! Then on top of that there’s the leaping and slurping. They are vampires after all and at times it can get to a point of disgust for me personally.

Thirst doesn’t contain any jumpscares or monstrous beings. It relies on emotionality, uncomfortable situations and gross sounds. It jumps around in time and the plot is moving fast so it really forces you to be involved all the way through. It’s exploration of insanity, religion and society as a whole ties the movie together in a satisfying way.

This is not a movie for the squeamish but if you’ve seen Old Boy you already knew that. It’s is a movie for people that wants to be surprised, disgusted and pulled into what is probably the weirdest love story I have witnessed in a long time.

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