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Three From Hell (2019) – A fitting end?

House of a 1000 corpses, The devil’s rejects, and after long last, Three from hell. Oh how I had awaited this movie’s arrival. But why did it take so long for me to actually get around to it? Well, one part was the tragic passing of Sid Haig but also because I thought that the previous movie’s ending had it all. How could they possibly make this work? Well, let’s find out!

How about that? Several shotgun shots and yet they all survived? Why not, it is a Zombie movie after all. Our beloved clown (Sid Haig was very sick when recording his scenes) dies in the first few minutes of the film. This is where my interest started to wane, who could they possibly replace him with? I had my eyes set on Tiny but alas, it’s a haphazard choice of a half-brother to keep the slaughter going. The rest is classic Zombie formula filmmaking with some good gore and excellent music choices.

Three from hell manages to keep the charm and cruelty from previous movies but with that said I keep coming back to the unnecessary nature of it all. This would have been a classic Zombie flick if it wasn’t a sequel. Watching it only made me miss the dynamic nature of the ACTUAL three from hell. If I get through all of that it is a very competent showing of grotesque and evil filmmaking. It’s a lot of torture, bad jokes, casual racism, and the now-to-be-expected Zombie stamp of gross.

With all that said this movie came and went. It didn’t feel right to do Sid Haig dirty like this, he deserved a better cinematic sendoff. But as far as Zombie flicks go it is a decent one. Just try to see it as an alternate timeline to preserve whatever is left of your sanity!

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