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Three little horror shorts

Every Spooktober I like to push some Youtube horror shorts and this year is no different. Three small videos and three tiny reviews coming right up!

Ah, the joys of plastic surgery! I like consistency and this holds its consistency very well. Even though I find it strange that she didn’t just scream and ran when the doctor said that the liver isn’t really an essential organ. Great ending scene as well! Arbitrary score of 7/10

A simple concept, done with precision. A strange man in the backyard, if ya look away it kills ya. As a concept, it’s basic but works. As a short film, it hits all the marks. Thank GOD they did not try to make this into a full film. Oh… Slenderman is a thing?… Arbitrary score of 6/10

Now we’re talking. Psycho bunny murderer but with a twist that was oh so enjoyable. The right amount of uncanny and sinister and done efficiently enough to actually make you jump with its ending. Easily the best one out of the three! Arbitrary score of 8/10

I might make another one of these before the month’s end. I love lifting up good horror shorts done indie style. Until next time, stay safe!

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