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Three more shorts

Do you know horror shorts? I liked doing these tiny reviews of short experiences. So you guys get the privilege of enjoying more great horror with a grand budget of zero dollaronis!

Hey, bro, you like teeth? You like watching animations about pulling teeth, playing with gums, and the general fascination with mouth hygiene? Well then do we have a short film for you! It’s horrifying, thought-provoking, and too well animated for comfort. Enjoy its cuddly narration bringing you down a rabbit hole you never wanted to fall down.

I love dystopian stuff! If it’s a horror shorts about replacing motherhood with semi-sentient AI? Then I am all for it. Here we are treated to one what if that I have never thought about. Replace nannies with I-Mom, put some self-governing, and then you get one creepy dystopian future. Mega haunted but in all the good ways.!

Sometimes you get treated to some of the most stupid stuff out there. This is one of those things. MAKE ME A SANDWICH WIFE! She does, time and time again. Adding more and more grotesque ingredients. This, of course, comes with a great tiny twist ending. It’s short horror at its finest. A clear message, clear direction, and clear punchline. Efficient horrorwork all around.

Another one bites the dust of short stuff. Next week we will dive deeper into more heavy horror stuff. Look forward to that guys and gals!

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