Back to form

Hey guess who’s back? The one and only Nuclearblend is back from the dead with some changes for you lot!

I have regained my will to write and will write a lot more on this old blog. The focus is back to what I wanted this blog to be about. Obscure stuff, horror, rants, and cultural perspectives. The brand building is back and sometime very soon the Twitter will be booted back up for you all to enjoy! I feel like I have neglected the one outlet that I really really love.

Movie reviews will make a comeback and so will youtube deep dives! On top of that, I have some more plans but they are secret at least for now. The focus will be on the odd, weird, and funny cultural phenomenons I find out there on the interwebs.

For anyone who is interested in the personal side of things here’s a rundown!
I am about to embark on the UK in June to meet my long-distance girlfriend. She has given me so much power and has managed to reignite my passion. I have fought my sugar addiction and am now at a point where I can say that my consumption of sugar is at an all-time low. I am still unemployed but slowly crawling myself out of my hole of self-pity and am now embarked on a journey to keep improving myself to the point where I will be sought after on the working market.

May is a month of reignition and I am thankful to the people who pop in every now and then and share the weirdness with me. Here’s to a new year of interesting content, discussions, and ideas!

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