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Clean mind clean life – Clothes

Last week I started cleaning. Cleaning my room, sorting through my collection, and finally going through my clothes. Because of my beer belly in conjunction with my now broader shoulders most (almost everything) doesn’t fit anymore. It was time to break my heart and go through it all and sort out everything that no longer fits. I needed to full Marie Kondo on my fucking wardrobe!

First off, let’s talk about benefits! All of my clothes were starting to chafe, feeling tight or were just looking flat out like shit. New clothes mean comfortability. The second benefit and hardest challenge were getting over sentimental values. So many pieces of clothing had a period of my life in it. One teeshirt had small holes back from when I had nibbling rats as pets, another one had an autograph by some doom metal guy that I have even forgotten the name of. We are not talking last year sentimentality, we are talking ten years back. That’s how bad my sentimental values were/are.

It’s a constant mental struggle to go through your clothes. Every piece reminds you of something and then on top of that, it reminds you that you have gotten chunky. This whole process took somewhere around 4 hours. But I had to spread it out over four days as to not lose my sanity and cry my self to sleep.

Now, here are some tips and tricks. Spread the process over a few days. You might want to ironman it and do it all in one day. But the mental toll of discarding nostalgic clothing and being constantly reminded of weight gain kills you mentally. The second tip is to have your goal in mind. My goal is to get a whole new wardrobe. See possibilities rather than hindrances. It’s a struggle but we’ll get through it!

I have accepted my new L size. No longer a medium but on my way to becoming a broad-shouldered large-sized Viking instead! At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Every step, small or big takes me one step closer to feeling a lot better. It’s a long process but I am happy that you, my dear readers are tagging along on this journey. Forever thankful

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