Clean mind, clean life – Socials

Long time no see am I right? Been a few bad days but I am getting back into the swing of things. Enjoy another Clean mind, clean life. This time about socials!

After successfully getting rid of the majority of my clothes I started thinking. There have to be other aspects of my life that needs a good scrubbing. Enter social media, information fatigue, and what to do about it!

The cleanup

Let’s start with the easiest one, at least for me it was. Facebook has lost its relevancy to me. The few times I use it is to buy worthless junk off of its marketplace. I still use the messenger app since it’s pretty convenient. To clean my Facebook I did one thing. I closed the ever-present tab on my browser and logged out on my phone only leaving messenger on it. That’s it! Simple, quick, and pretty painless. That’s one energy drain, a few more to go.

My hands were trembling. Sweat was running down my face. I clicked, saw 900+ subscriptions on Youtube. Welp, guess it’s time to get the gloves out and start cleaning out the rat’s nest. It took 5 hours to go from 918 subscriptions to merely 320 subscriptions. Now my feed will look a lot nicer. I thoroughly recommend going through your probably embarrassingly long list of subscriptions. I now have a much cleaner watch list on the semi daily!

Twitter is a cesspool. I simply erased the app and logged out of it. Haven’t touched it in a week as of writing. Might actually not even bother with going back at this point. Might do it for marketing purposes in the future but that’s about it. I will miss the memes, shitposting, and all the other dumb stuff. But that’s the thing though, it’s all oh so dumb. Need smarts, not dumbs! Yes, that is correct English now shut up!

Instagram was pretty easy. Unfollowed old classmates that I haven’t spoken to in years, some models and artists I actually don’t really care about and of course, unfollowed all of those follow for follow accounts I used to believe would make me famous. The only people left are friends, some legitimately interesting accounts, and some culture news sites.

There are other social media out there but these are the only ones I use. I go on Reddit once every full moon, don’t understand TikTok and I might have missed some other ones but oh well. Cleanup is done, let’s talk about information fatigue!


Way back when. The Romans considered the abundance of books a distraction and poisonous to any mind that wasn’t a scholar. Then came the printing press and the printed word was considered too much. Enter today with internet, books, printed press, advertising boards, Spotify ads, and a whole slew of other things constantly grabbing our attention.

What we get fatigued by today is all of our connectivity. Besides the things I have done with my socials I have also stopped using my phone in bed, only use socials when I’m at my computer, and really try to not give a shit about how I am perceived online.

Now go and do something about YOUR fatigue. Cause I bet that you are one of the millions suffering from this fatigue. I will keep you guys updated in a few weeks of how well or bad I am doing with this information detox I am on! Until then, stay safe and try to be optimistic regardless of circumstance.

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