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Grieving a pet (a personal guide)

Cats are great. That cat you’re seeing right there is Mabel. Mabel is only six years old but she is scheduled to be put down. Why? Because of cancer that has spread from her neck to her brain. There is nothing else that can be done. Six years is not an age for a cat. It’s like in the middle of their life cycle. I have spent a few days contemplating, griveing and thinking of ways to cope. I have come up with a few tips and tricks that might be helpful to some of you. Here goes

Allow yourself to be sad

When loosing a pet people around you (especially non pet owners) will not understand your pain. There will be an expectation on you to be sad for a few days and then go back to life as normal. It does not work like this and you should not force yourself to wear a mask. Worst case scenario, take a sick leave to allow yourself to grieve.

Play feel good games

This is a personal thing but I have been crushing it at Animal Crossing recently. It brings me zen, joy and calms my rapid thoughts. Does it cure my sadness? Absolutely not, but it does help a bit with taking the edge off at times.

Hang out with other pets

The silence after loosing a pet can be deafening. You hear paws walking past you, you see your old pal just at the edge of your peripheral vision. What helped me most with all the heavy silence was to simply hang out with other friends’s pets. Cuddle, take walks or just exist near another animal in times of grief helps.

Do not attempt to replace

First instinct, gotta get a new cat. Got to replace her. I need to love her. She cannot be replaced. Let your painful memories (cause they hurt now) slowly melt into fond memories of the pure goofiness that is pet ownership. When your memories of your beloved pet makes you smile rather than sob. Then it might be time for you to start looking for a new goofball to love.

Cry with someone

I sat my ass down on Discord. Talked to a friend and then started bawling. To the point that my friend also started crying. There we were, crying and it felt so relieving. Sharing painful moments with people you love helped me through the pain. I hope it’ll help you too.

These are just some of my spontaneous thoughts and tips on this subject. I am still in my own grieving process and I might make a new post in the future. Right now I feel okay but it does go up and down. I really hope this helps someone that’s hurting out there. Cause these things helped/is helping me right now.

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