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September already? What the fuck happened?

Remember when I proudly said I would keep this blog up to date? Yeah about that… BUT, we are reaching October with speed so I thought I’d give you an update about what I have been up to since… Well, December, holy craperonies it’s been a while huh?

Since we last spoke I have had a job, been to the UK a few times (the place where the girlfriend is), and moved house. Today I am doing some retail work and trying to figure out what path to take content-wise and life-wise. Am I close to finding out any of that? Absolutely not! I am more confused and afraid than ever. But then it hit me, I love writing which means that I should probably do more of that. So here I am, writing to you once again. I have not forgotten about this site, I still want to do something cool with this. What that cool thing is? Will have to be figured out.

Enough of my life story, time for some actual updates. Spooktober will be making its third return (or is it the 4th?)! Regardless I always look forward to doing these. As usual, it is going to be a mixed bag of reviews, stories, youtube reviewing, and general spooky shenanigans. This year I will be joined once again by my girlfriend and the lovely Serry that might make some guest appearances. The rest of Spooktober will be a seeeeeecret. Hush-hush and all that.

It feels good to be back in the writing chair again. Things are settling down in my life, slowly but surely. The world has gone to shit but I intend to stay optimistic and so should you. We will overcome all the bad happenings around the world and we will come out stronger for it. Trust me on that! Now you can tell your friend that you are up to date on all things Nuclearblend. Feels good to be back. Now let’s make some dumb lovely content!

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