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Suicide prevention day

Being unemployed for an extended period of time takes its toll. Combine that with a pretty damming depression and you have a cocktail of intrusive thoughts. Let me preface this with that I am not suicidal. I am not in danger and have a pretty good handle on my mental health nowadays.

We never know what is going inside someone’s mind. Maybe an extended period of unemployment is enough to make you feel worthless to the point where you consider suicide. Maybe it’s an entirely different thing. We can never know. That makes it even more important that we listen and observe our surrounding friends, colleagues, and family. Look for signs, talk to them, and most importantly, listen to them.

I consider myself a mental health advocate. I have had a lot of mental struggles in my life that I am very open about. I want to believe that everyone and I mean everyone can be a mental health advocate. If you see someone suffering, reach out. Be a listener first and foremost, then if it’s called for, give advice. It’s really that simple.

If you want to go the extra mile, book seminars for your workspace about mental health. Contribute to a nonprofit that helps people that are suffering mentally (there’s one in every country). Speak up when you see bullying, regardless of how benign it might seem from the outside. Be a voice for good, be a listener, and dare to reach out.

A lot of people prefer to leave links to various organizations. There are too many for me to list here. If you want to know more about suicide prevention day go here and if you want to contribute then do so locally. The easiest way is to do a simple google search such as suicide prevention nonprofit in your local language.

I will leave you with this video. I hope you take the time to watch it. Take care, be safe, and be compassionate.

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