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The future of Nuclearblend and my content

Long time no post. But there is a good reason for it I swear. Please take some time and read what I have been brewing behind the scenes.

Zero to hero is a challenge. Not just for myself but to you as well. I am 29 and in about 6 months I’ll be 30. I am currently living with my parents since I am unemployed, I am single and have gotten chubby. Those are just the shallow things putting me down as a zero.

But of course I am not a total zero. I have 5+ years of studies in culture, media and pedagogy. I even have a degree as a content manager. Being back home have given me a lot of time to reflect on where I want to go with my life. Because of this the blog will go through some dramatic changes I’ll be putting down below:

  1. Spooktober will be the only month I work with reviews on this site
  2. The blog will be more focused on podcasts, the show zero to hero and self improvement
  3. The blog will start to act as a supplemental resource for anyone that recognizes themselves in my position and wants change as much as I want it.
  4. Don’t worry, the blog will still be 100% produced by me with my words and my words only.

There will be a bigger post about the zero to hero challenge and what that entails sometime this week. But for now let’s talk about the future podcast “The Burnout”!

The burnout is a podcast where I will be talking to content creators about the trials and tribulations of their craft. Mental health, how to overcome anxiety and just generally throwing the shit as they say. I have a few guests planned but I would love to know who you guys would like to see on the show. Please do @ me on Twitter. This is a bigger project that will take some time to finish but I am hoping the first season will come out this year!

That’s pretty much all the updates I have today. See you again in a few days with a much bigger update on the Zero to Hero challenge! Be well out there, it’s getting crazier by the minute! Oh yeah and that’s me in the picture 🙂

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