Who, what, huh?

My name is Emil and I am a huge movie geek. Started out as a film student back in 2012 and ended up becoming a content manager. Somewhere in the middle of all that I got the notion of writing my own reviews and thoughts about movies and media in general and BAM. Nuclearblend was created.

Today I work in copywriting, content marketing, video editing, and whatever else is thrown my way. But when I am not working I watch films and put my thoughts here. It’s liberating in a way, relaxing even. No editors, no censorship, and just pure unadulterated fun! This might also be a way for me to put my own movie collection into the spotlight since I do love to collect those little buggers!

Also, I would love to write guest columns, reviews, and opinion pieces on other sites than this so if you find my writing style interesting get in touch via Email I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my opinions as much as I enjoy putting them out there!

Where you can find me currently?

I currently produce stuff for the following sites:

Nördliv where I write about games and stuff (in Swedish)

And of course on here where I do most of my personal writing with the occasional review thrown in the mix!

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