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All Cheerleaders Die (2013) – Wicca bullshit

I have recently gotten iquite fond of cheerleaders. Just not the aestethic of them, but the entire culture around them as well. As a Swede it’s a whole new world (insert Aladdin) and the horror genre is filled with them! This is one of those movies!

All Cheerleaders Die is a zombie revenge fantasy made in a humorus way. It’s about a girl infiltrating a squad of cheerleaders to screw with the football captain. Then things get weird. Supernatural events occur and now it’s not just about fighting the captain but maybe the whole squad! It’s not a groundbreaking plot but the fun way it’s twisted makes up for any lack of creative plot.

First off, this is a very tropey movie. There’s your dumb blonde, your super focused squad leader and your typical weird goth chick. It feels like a teenage comedy flick in all of it generic nature. But if you look just a little deeper you find some great dark humor, fun gore and of course cheerleading badassery! It’s a cheerleader movie that starts out slow but quickly builds up to something amazing. The only drawback is that besides the two main girls, there is hardly any characters to speak about. They are just cardboard cutouts of their respective trope.

The football team is kinda grim in this. Surprisingly grim in fact, which makes it even better when they get killed. They only bring darkness to the film but with cheerleading cheer they clean that darkness right off them. With violence, a great dose of violence. On top of that the acting is good and at times even great. No scenes have a forced feel to them and everyone seem to have good chemistry!

If you are looking to get your cheerleader murder fix then this is for you. It’s a good film, not outstanding but still worth a chuckle and a chug. It has some fun twists and some good old PG 15 violence. So put on your skirts and GIVE ME AN A!

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