Life update and hiatus

Oh me oh my, a lot of stuff has happened in the past few weeks. So much in fact I need to give you guys an update and take a small hiatus. Let’s dive down the deep end!

First off, I am fine, I promise. A lot of things have happened since December where the biggest thing is a thing I have already alluded to. I now have a long-distance girlfriend which has given me a huge creative boost. Sadly, I cannot in good faith put all that creativity here. Since I am unemployed the focus needs to be on business-related projects and portfolio strengthening projects. That is why the blog will be taking a hiatus to breathe and get new energy. How long will the hiatus last? At this time I have no idea, I am hoping to have my stuff straightened out by March but in this lovely pandemic who knows really?

I need to readjust what this blog is about and how I want to present it. I am not sure the self-help/self-improvement stuff is really interesting for many people other than myself. If I am to present such a thing I think videos would be the better choice of medium. This is is just one of the many thoughts I have currently.

If you want to follow me I suggest keeping an eye out over here (Swedish). This is where I will spend most of my focus in the coming weeks. I might make an update on thoughts and other things at the end of this month. Until then, thank you for enjoying whatever this whole website is about. I know that I enjoy making content at least. See you on the flipside!

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