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The 2020 year in review

I really hope you guys brought a big bag of oats or whatever it is that you eat while marathoning a beast of a post. I present to you, my 2020 in review in x parts.

Timeline of worthy nature

Have I ever told you that I am useless when it comes to dates? I still, to this day, have to count months on my fingers to not lose track of what number month it is. It is really that bad. But I will make an honest attempt at a timeline for this year. With all noteworthy happenings that have had some kind of impact.

In February I moved back in with my parents. This sort of wrecked me in all sorts of ways. Being 29, unemployed, and forced to stay at your parents felt soul-shattering. Now I have a much healthier outlook on my circumstance and know very well how privileged I am to be able to live here when the world is on fire. Being back in the countryside led me to discover the wonders of audiobooks and that has really helped me this year.

I can safely say that I was not a very well functioning human the first part of the year. Besides audiobooks, the other thing that kept me afloat was my writing gig over at Nördliv. Being able to write in Swedish about subjects I love (nerd stuff). It has really lifted my self-esteem when it comes to my abilities as a writer.

The second part of the year is where things really picked up. I started taking time out of my days to reflect seriously about where I wanted to go with my life. The blog was revived and I got even more involved in my Nördliv writing. I cut out toxic relationships, lessened my social media consumption, reached out to people, and put myself on a waitlist for therapy. In the grand scheme of things, it might seem like small steps but for me, these were huge ones. I also reached 100 job applications which were all kinds of soul-crushing.

Spooktober went very well and as I am writing this article I can see 61 posts published this year which makes me all sorts of happy. December had some great reviews and I found a very close friend out of nowhere. A random person joined my discord and our first conversation lasted hours. This is someone that has helped me enormously with my introspection and has given me so many perspectives on things. This happened within ONE month of knowing each other by the way. This is the reason I love the internet so much.

Personally, this has been a year of personal growth, professional stagnation, and the deepening of worthy friendships. Because of quarantines and that pesky pandemic, I have been pretty much immobile this year but that’s fine. The nature around me is gorgeous. I have had so many walks that I am healthier than I have been in years both physically and emotionally.

Pandemic, true colors, and underwear

I don’t think I can add much more than I have already done in my pandemic article. But besides the anxiety related to a global health crisis, this pandemic has helped me immensely. The pandemic opened my eyes to who I could consider friends and not friends. Let me explain. This year I have reached out to many old friends. Some friendships have been rekindled and some have really proven to be dead. When we have no one to hang out with you start prioritizing. That’s exactly what I did and found several old friends to be the dreaded “Facebook friend”. That friend whose only interest in you is what you post on Facebook and nothing else. A shallow shell of whatever connection you might’ve had.

It wouldn’t be 2020 in review if I did not talk about a newly found obsession. Or rather, a quest of sorts. This year I have been searching for the perfect underwear. I am not quite there yet but I have a contender. The winner of the 2020 underwear awards goes to the aptly named Comfyballs! The quest shall continue into 2021. I don’t understand how it can be THIS hard to find comfortable underwear.

Media trifecta

On request, I give you my trifecta of the year. Favorite book series was Old Man’s War. Not only did it rekindle my love for the sci-fi genre. It also rekindled my interest in transhumanism and the potential of modifying your own body. Something that I hope to delve into deeper next year.

The favorite movie is a tie between Final Destination and Mandy. Two movies I enjoyed with a passion this year. Next year I might even make an honest attempt at watching movies from this decade. Who knows really by now?

Favorite album is easily the new Rammstein album. That’s all I have to say. Hundreds of hours spent listening and I am yet to grow tired of it.

Health content 2021

Before I wrap this up with a nice little bow and kiss it goodbye before sendoff into the void. I want to give a little bit of a sneak preview about the upcoming stuff for the zero to hero project.

The first thing is a monthly checkup where I go over all the wins and fails of the month. I will track progress on different aspects of the project and use it as a semi journal. This will not only help me get perspective but also keep me accountable. The biggest flaw of any get better plan is the lack of accountability. My reasoning is thus that if I am public about the entire thing, I keep myself accountable.

The second sneak peek is the physical health plan I am working on. This year has been mostly about my mental state. Next year will be mental state AND physical state. Small experiments, workout regimes, and changing eating habits are just some of my plans. The idea is to review my health as part of the monthly checkups.

Ad victoriam

This year has been a shitshow for my career. But as a year of personal growth and mental wellbeing, it has been a Godsent! I feel stronger and more ambitious than ever. I see the sun and no longer the clouds. Next year will be the year I grab my life in the balls, twist, turn, and regain full control. Just you wait internet!

Lastly, I want to thank all my readers for keeping up with whatever this blog is. It means the world to me, knowing that this blog has been enjoyed by so many. I started the year with a 3 weekly reader average. In December that weekly average is now 11-15 readers. Might not sound like much but I think it bodes well for the future. Next year will be a lot more focused than any previous year. Only one more post coming this year. Probably in the few days to come. That is the content plan for 2021 as a whole and a more reasonable plan for the first 3 months. Again, keep me accountable, keep pushing me, and keep loving the content.
With all my heart. Thank you for making 2020 awesome. Let’s make 2021 even more awesome!


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