The comfort of horror

Horror is considered an entertainment medium. But for some of us, it is so much more than only entertainment. In this little post, I’ll talk about my own relationship with the genre and how it can be used as a tool to confront your own inner fears.

Ever since I was young I loved horror. As an emotional guy I easily get very invested in any medium I consume. Because of this investment I can get very scared, sad, happy, etc, etc which in it of itself can be therapeutic. But what I have found to be the biggest reason to use horror as a tool for therapy is the confrontational aspect.

Of course, I am not saying that horror is a cure-all. For a lot of people, it might even be triggering to the point where it’s harmful. But for me, it has been very good to confront a lot of my fears. It has hardened me, it has helped me to be able to withstand a lot of anxiety. Because in comparison, what is a cold call to an employer compared to being chased by Jason?

According to an article on Healthline, the positives are just that. By confronting fears it can have a positive effect on a lot of disorders. By feeling the discomfort it can become a counterweight in your life. Imagined horror by everyday things pales to the horrors of good horror movies. Of course, the age-old saying of no binging applies. Too much horror can make you pretty emotionally drained without you even noticing.

So, to conclude I say this. Enjoy horror, confront your own fears with hand-picked movies, watch in moderation, and lastly watch with a friend. Everything becomes more fun with a friend! Oh and lastly if you find yourself getting weird bodily symptoms don’t push yourself. Enjoy in moderation and hopefully, horror motivation can be a thing for you too. Until next time, signing off.

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