The final cleanup

I want an almost clinical view of social media. I am a content manager and I work with social media daily but I hate what it does to me. So in order to get that cold analytical clinical view, it is time to sever all personal ties. Welcome to the final cleanup.

Long time no post am I right? It’s been a while because of that gosh darn depression all the cool kids are having. But it is time for the final cleanup of my different media rivers. The plan is to stick it out until 6 months have passed. During this time all my socials will be strictly business. Soulless follower sucking with all points pointing to the Discord. So without further ado here’s a list on all the changes I am making.

  • Facebook: Inform friends and family and then delete
  • Instagram: Yeetus deletus
  • Twitter: Same as Instagram.
  • Youtube: One hour of entertainment content actively consumed. Passive background noise infinite if it doesn’t impair my workflow.
  • Reddit: I don’t use it.
  • Twitch: Clean up the following list and use it as background the same way I use Youtube.

When will I start this? Considering what month it is now it would only be fitting to do it on Jan 1, 2021, wouldn’t it? This experiment will be vlogged and blogged about as much as I can. How will my life change? Will it even change? Are all of these people gawking about the benefits just a bunch of dumbasses? Probably, but we shall see!

Regular writing will start up again next week if my headspace decides to do what it’s supposed to do. Which is to keep my mind straight and on point. Everything is going to shit in the world so stay extra safe and we’ll talk again soon.

Love- Nuclearblend

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