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Sleep schedule madness week 1

No screwing about. No censorship or fancy words. Here are my thoughts on week 1 of trying to actually sleep during nighttime.

Day 1. Fell asleep at around 4 am and got up 07.55. I felt energized and fully functional. Had breakfast, brushed my teeth, and did some work. Then I had lunch and BAM, crashed hard. During the rest of the day, I could only think of going to bed. I was in a daze and at times almost felt drunk. Went to bed at 9.30 pm.

Day 2. Woke up at 2.30 am feeling super awake. Took me 2 hours to fall back asleep. When I woke up at 8 am my body ached and my body pulled every trick in the book to keep me in bed. Went out of bed, had breakfast, and then fell for the oldest trick in the book. Why don’t you watch some Youtube in bed with your morning coffee huh? I did, fell half asleep, and got out of bed at 10 am. Now with even more body aches but my brain is a tad bit clearer today. My body is now aware of what I am trying to do and holy shit is it not pulling any stops to prevent me from doing this.

Day 3. Same as yesterday!

Day 4. Overslept by a tiny margin (1 hour). Starting to feel better. More alert and a lot less body ache.

Day 5. Is it normal to be this tired?

Day 6. A huge backlash. Slept 3 hours too long, stayed in bed for too long, and feel like utter crap. No physical hurting just mental.

Day 7. Overslept by two hours. Need to get back on track. A new week tomorrow.

When you are reading this it’s Monday. I feel like a zombie but did get out of bed at 8 am. Hopefully, this week will be at least better. Forming new habits sure is hard. Tomorrow there will be a bigger post about the main goals and a few changes I’m throwing into this challenge. Stay tuned!

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