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The Unborn (1991) – Childbirth Of Doom

The Unborn is a movie all about the joys of carrying a baby. Except it is more about the traumatic experience, paranoid fits of rage, and the dark sinister plots that might just be all in your head. I enjoyed this movie until I really did not. I am warning you the reader right now. This will be a spoilerific review about my gripes about the way this story is told. Buckle up and drink your baby-sized juice box, we are in for a ride!

This movie had such a good premise. It’s about a couple having trouble conceiving until they find a doctor to help them. After that, you think they would have a smooth pregnancy right? Nah, not at all! The first half of The Unborn is actually rather unsettling. It handles subjects such as paranoia, mental illness, and the feeling that something is constantly wrong with the baby. That sort of thing. Then the movie decides to change direction entirely and we are given a shitty cascade of bad practical effects, gore, and silliness.

With that said, I did actually enjoy the second half of the movie as well. But only if I view it as an entirely separate entity. The soundtrack is good and eerie, the acting is alright, and the practical effects are mostly on point. There are a lot of things to like about this. But sadly the way the story is told is just atrocious. It almost feels like the movie had a change of scope halfway through and it just feels kind of shit.

If you enjoy being tossed around like a baby in a carrier falling down a cliff then you will enjoy this. The worst about all of this is… There is a sequel so bad that it is almost impossible to find. Of course I had to review it!

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