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Deathgasm (2015) – Gore Galore

Metal can be pretty brutal, a Deathgasm is even more brutal! This is a fun blood splattered ride from start to finish. It’s also refreshing to see something from New Zealand that is not the pretty meh Black Sheep.

Do you remember the Tenacious D movie? What if that was about heavier metal, a lot more guts and with a couple of teenagers instead of two middle aged guys? Well that’s pretty much this movie. It’s about a group of newly found friends that starts a band and then accidentally causes Armageddon. There’s also a lot of references to metal bands, band humor and of course the age old thing of not fitting in.

Deathgasm starts out as your bog standard outcast story but it quickly turns into something gross and wonderful. With that said it’s not very advanced humor. It’s more down the line of “haha sex is funny” or “swearwords are edgy” kind of humor. If you like me can appreciate even the lowest common denominator humor then you will enjoy this as well.

Let’s talk gore, there is a lot of it here. Imagine Braindead but made with modern techniques. That’s pretty much this movie. This time around though, they do not shy away from the really gross stuff. Genital mutilation, rectal gore and even a gore sex toy scene. The humor is sick and extreme in a hilarious but at the same time cringy way. There is no remorse nor any grossed out reactions either which is refreshing in this genre.

If you are planning to bring a few friends over, drink way too much beer and watch some of the stupidest movies you can find. Well then here is one to add to that roster. It’s blatantly aware, gory for the sake of gore and humor that would even make Beavis & Butthead cringe!

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